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Understanding PRINCE2 exam pass rates

by PRINCE2 Online
Discover what it takes to succeed in PRINCE2 exams and enhance your career prospects.
What is a good PRINCE2 exam pass mark |


What is a good PRINCE2 exam pass mark |
For many professionals aspiring to advance in project management, the PRINCE2 qualification is crucial. But what does it take to pass these exams? Let’s shed light on what you should aim for and expect when you sit for a PRINCE2 exam.

The difference between pass marks and pass rates

The PRINCE2 pass mark is the threshold you need to cross to achieve certification. Simply put, for the latest PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you require at least 36 out of 60 marks to pass, which is a 60% pass mark. In contrast, the PRINCE2 pass rate tells us how many candidates pass the exam. Typically, around 73% of UK candidates clear the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

What’s the required score?

Passing the PRINCE2 Foundation exam requires a score of 60%. It’s essential to grasp this to set your study goals clearly.

How many pass?

Looking at the pass rate, most candidates succeed in the Foundation exam. This statistic should guide your preparation.

National averages for PRINCE2 exam success

Across the UK, the national average pass rate for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam is impressively high at 97%, while the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam sees a 73% success rate. These figures have remained stable, showing the exams’ reliability.

Foundation exam pass rate

A 97% national pass rate for the Foundation exam should boost your confidence.

Practitioner exam pass rate

The Practitioner exam challenges more, with a national pass rate of 73%.

Knowledge Train’s PRINCE2 exam performance

At Knowledge Train, our students’ success rates tell a story of commitment to quality. Our pass rates have been consistent, highlighting the more demanding nature of the Practitioner exam compared to the Foundation exam.

Success at Knowledge Train

We take pride in our consistent exam pass rates, showing our dedication to our students’ success.

Practitioner vs Foundation

Our data also shows the discernible difference in difficulty between the two exam levels.

Assessing the credibility of PRINCE2 training providers

Choosing your training provider is crucial but be cautious. Some providers exaggerate their success rates. To find trustworthy academies, read through their broad course reviews on multiple platforms, and watch out for red flags in student feedback.

Digging through the reviews

Investigate various review platforms for unfiltered feedback on potential training providers.

Red flags in feedback

Customer experiences often reveal the reliability of an academy’s claimed pass rates.

Tips for passing your PRINCE2 exams

Investing in a quality PRINCE2 course is smart, whether you prefer classroom learning or the flexibility of online study. Exam tips and mock exam questions give you a head start.

Planning your study path

Choose a PRINCE2 course that fits your learning style – be it classroom-based or self-paced online.

Study aids and exam tips

Use articles detailing exam question styles and advice for your exams, such as How to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam or How to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

With the right preparation and a clear understanding of what’s expected, you’re well on your way to achieving a PRINCE2 certification.

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