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Embedding PRINCE2: A guide to successful adoption

by PRINCE2 Online
Read on to discover the best ways to embed PRINCE2 into your organisation.
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Embracing PRINCE2

To embed PRINCE2 in your organisation, you need more than basic comprehension. Embedding PRINCE2 demands a strategic, consistent implementation process. Every affected member of your organisation must understand and apply the method. It should become a vital part of their daily work.

Implementing change: More than a single project

Embedding PRINCE2 isn’t a project – it’s a new way of thinking. Facilitating broad PRINCE2 adoption requires transformational shifts within your organisation. Your organisation should treat this change as a programme. Such a change is complex. It is not recommended to treat it as a standalone project.

How to embed PRINCE2 formed a key chapter of the PRINCE2 manual 6th edition, but unfortunately this was removed from the latest PRINCE2 7th edition. As such, our PRINCE2 training courses do not cover embedding since it is not part of the PRINCE2 syllabus.

Modern change management: Blending theory and practice

Today, change is constant, and managing it requires modern strategies. Contemporary change management strategies are exciting blends. They combine psychology and engineering principles. They offer reliable techniques. These techniques guide individuals, teams, and organisations. They guide them through wide-ranging shifts.

Bringing PRINCE2 to life: Deployment strategies

Deploying PRINCE2 across an organisation is a big project. The goal is to make the method come alive. This task requires effective communication and a well-planned strategy. The strategy can be either a ‘big bang’ approach or a gradual rollout.

All at once: The ‘big bang’ approach

The ‘big bang’ approach launches the project management method. It also launches its supporting elements at the same time. This approach requires comprehensive planning and coordination but can provide immediate, organisation-wide changes.

Steady progress: The gradual rollout

Sometimes, slow and steady wins the race. This approach to PRINCE2 implementation is incremental. It enables a gradual rollout, allowing for adjustments and early benefits. The process of adaptation becomes more manageable with this approach.

This approach requires pilots. Choosing a low-risk project is the best choice for a pilot. If something goes wrong, it’s not going to be a disaster.

Rolling out PRINCE2 gradually has numerous benefits.

Risk management

Gradual rollout allows for better risk control. By starting with low-risk projects, the organisation can address any issues early on. This allows for a safer environment to learn and adapt, with minimal impact.


Implementing PRINCE2 in stages enables the collection of valuable feedback from early projects. The feedback can improve processes and training for future projects. This enhances the methodology’s effectiveness in the organisation.

Stakeholder engagement

A phased approach helps in building support among various stakeholder groups. Stakeholders can witness PRINCE2’s benefits in action, increasing buy-in and acceptance.

Training and skill development

A gradual PRINCE2 rollout allows teams and individuals to adapt. It gives them more time to develop necessary skills. More effective learning leads to higher competence when using PRINCE2.

Resource allocation

Better resource allocation is possible with a gradual rollout. This includes trainers, coaches, and support staff. This ensures that each project receives the necessary support without overstretching organisational resources.

Customisation and adaptation

Implementing PRINCE2 in stages allows customisation and tailoring to fit unique needs. This enhances relevance and effectiveness for the organisation.

Building organisational confidence

Successful implementation in initial projects builds confidence in using PRINCE2 across the organisation. Fostering a positive attitude towards PRINCE2 helps overcome resistance to change.

Sustainable change

Gradual implementation supports sustainable change management. The organisation can integrate PRINCE2 into its culture effectively. It can also incorporate PRINCE2 into its processes for better results. This will ensure long-term benefits for the organisation.

Keeping track: Monitoring deployment progress

With any large change, keeping an eye on progress is essential. Regular monitoring is crucial during deployment and initial operation stages. Identifying potential issues helps prevent resource wastage. This ensures effective use of the PRINCE2 method.

PRINCE2 as a performance booster

PRINCE2 isn’t only a method—it’s a performance enhancer. Consistent application ensures productivity, PRINCE2 facilitates ongoing improvement in organisations. Active stakeholder engagement boosts productivity and facilitates ongoing improvement. Comprehensive quality assurance measures ensure PRINCE2 boosts productivity and improvement.

Shared knowledge, enhanced performance: User communities

In larger organisations, the formation of user communities can be a game-changer. These communities enhance organisational performance by driving knowledge sharing and surfacing new ideas.

The role of individual competence in organisational maturity

When it comes to organisational maturity, individual competence matters. Dedicated training enhances personal skills and contributes to organisational growth. Skill development and certification also play a vital role. The integration of PRINCE2 is not about the method – it’s about the people behind it.

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