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PRINCE2 self-study online courses

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner online courses

Our combined PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner training is perfect for those who want to earn a professional project management qualification and begin work as a project manager in any industry.PRINCE2 online training lets you study at your own pace, great if you work full-time and can’t commit to a fixed classroom schedule.Included in the cost is a copy of the latest PRINCE2 6th edition manual, the PRINCE2 Foundation exam and PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.
  • Learn at your own pace with the latest web technologies and accredited e-learning content
  • Our PRINCE2 online courses are designed to help you pass your Foundation exam and Practitioner exam with ease.
Accreditation Accreditation: AXELOS
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: None
self-paced Format: Online self-study course

PRINCE2 Foundation online courses

PRINCE2 Foundation online training is ideal if you work in support of projects act as an informed member of a PRINCE2 project team.This PRINCE2 Foundation course covers all key concepts of the PRINCE2 methodology – the principles, themes, and processes used to manage PRINCE2 projects effectively.Our online courses are based on the latest PRINCE2 6th edition. PRINCE2 Foundation exam included.
  • Our accredited PRINCE2 online e-learning allows easy integration with corporate LMS for staff-training purposes
  • Take your first steps towards becoming a certified project manager.
Accreditation Accreditation: AXELOS
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: PRINCE2 Foundation
self-paced Format: Online self-study course
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PRINCE2 Practitioner online courses

This PRINCE2 online course teaches you how to tailor the PRINCE2 framework to fit any project and apply key concepts learned in the Foundation course to working projects.A PRINCE2 online course is a great way for project managers to learn how to apply project management best-practice and use the PRINCE2 framework effectively in complex scenarios.This accredited e learning course is based on the latest PRINCE2 6th edition. PRINCE2 Practitioner exams included.
Accreditation Accreditation: AXELOS
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: PRINCE2 Foundation
self-paced Format: Online self-study course

Instructor-led PRINCE2 online courses

PRINCE2 online virtual training

Our PRINCE2 virtual e learning provides an opportunity for you to learn the PRINCE2 methodology with the help of a professional PRINCE2 trainer.Our trainers are project management experts with decades of applied experience in project management.Our course syllabus is based on the latest PRINCE2 6th edition handbook. Foundation examinations and Practitioner exams included at no extra cost.
  • Our virtual learning platform is packed with helpful tools and features to aid online study
  • Virtual classes are a great way to facilitate in-house training for dispersed teams.
Accreditation Accreditation: AXELOS
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: See course info
classroom Format: Classroom course

PRINCE2 Agile online virtual training

PRINCE2 Agile virtual classroom training is a great way to learn if you’re interested in continued professional development and want to learn with the help of a veteran PRINCE2 Agile expert.Virtual training lets you earn your PRINCE2 Agile qualifications quickly and easily. Our certified PRINCE2 Agile trainers are on hand to answer your every question.Our course syllabus is based on the latest PRINCE2 Agile handbook. All PRINCE2 exams included at no extra cost.
  • Our virtual learning platform comes with all the benefits of in-person training, without the hassle of travelling to a training venue
  • Educate your staff in the latest agile practices with convenient and cost-effective virtual training, today.
Accreditation Accreditation: AXELOS
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: See course info
classroom Format: Classroom course
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PRINCE2 Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


PRINCE2 isn’t just a project management framework. It’s a popular, internationally recognised certification scheme providing professional training and qualification for project management practitioners worldwide. offers high-quality PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile training. Our virtual classes and self-study online courses are delivered by veteran PRINCE2 trainers and project management professionals.

Earning your PRINCE2 certification demonstrates to colleagues, employers, and project management professionals that you can successfully manage projects by applying project management best-practice, practical management techniques, and informed decision-making.

Our PRINCE2 online self-study and virtual classrooms are designed with the latest in e-learning technology and best practices. If you choose to learn through our self-study courses, you’ll gain access to hours of high-quality, highly interactive learning material. Our virtual classroom students will have the opportunity to earn their desired PRINCE2 qualification with the assistance of a professional PRINCE2 trainer.

PRINCE2 online courses are easy to set up. To sit our courses and take the relevant PRINCE 2 online exam, all you’ll need is a laptop or home computer, a webcam, and a stable internet connection. Our courses are compatible with all home and mobile devices, so you can learn on the move.

For more info regarding our courses, please see the respective course description or scroll below and read the FAQ.

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) began its life as PROMPT II. In 1989, the framework was adopted by the British Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA), reworked, and renamed ‘PRINCE.’ It was later developed further for use across the UK public sector. This version was dubbed ‘PRINCE2.’

PRINCE2 is a generic project management framework designed in consultation with roughly 150 European organisations. PRINCE2 retains its focus on the final product but can be tailored to suit different project environments.

Over the past two decades, PRINCE2 has undergone several revisions to simplify the method. The latest update to PRINCE2 (2017) focused on improving the method’s scalability and flexibility while maintaining a consistent approach – satisfying the requirements of primary stakeholders and the project board.

No other project management qualification can boast the history, research, practitioner feedback, and institutional backing culminating in the PRINCE2 methodology. PRINCE2 is time-tested and has proven its ability to deliver consistent value across all industries.

PRINCE2 isn’t just a project management framework. It’s also a training and certification scheme, providing education and qualifications to tens of thousands of project management professionals worldwide.

Earning a PRINCE2 qualification can make you more desirable to potential employers, give you confidence in your ability to manage projects successfully, and teach transferable skills applicable to many roles.

PRINCE2 certifications are an industry standard in the UK. They allow qualified project management professionals to easily demonstrate their project management knowledge and skills to colleagues and employers alike.

PRINCE2 Foundation-level qualifications are aimed at those who support project managers or in a role that supports project management.

Topics in the PRINCE2 Foundation syllabus include the basic principles, themes, and processes that guide and inform all project management decisions made under the PRINCE2 framework.

To pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, you must prove that you have a working understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology, sufficient to work as an informed, productive member of a PRINCE2 project management team.

PRINCE2 Practitioner-level qualifications are aimed at working project managers who want to apply the PRINCE2 method to their project management approach.

Topics in the PRINCE2 Practitioner syllabus include an in-depth investigation of the PRINCE2 management products, themes, principles, and processes. Students will also learn how to assess and manage each project stage.

To pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, you must prove your ability to tailor each aspect of the PRINCE2 method to suit the project scope and the resources at your disposal.

PRINCE2 Foundation courses have no prerequisite and are perfect for those new to project management and staff members with no formal training in project management.

The only prerequisite for the PRINCE2 Practitioner course is that candidates must first pass the Foundation exam. No additional training or learning outside the Practitioner course is required to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

Our PRINCE2 e-learning courses come with 1-year’s access to online learning material, PRINCE2 exams, and practice exams at no extra cost. PRINCE2-Online also offer easy access to tutor support for any questions you may have.

Our PRINCE2 self-paced online courses cover every key concept of PRINCE2 and are designed to help you pass your online exams with ease.

Those candidates who purchase the PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner self-study course will also receive a copy of the official PRINCE2 handbook. Candidates in the UK can request a physical copy be mailed to them. Those candidates living outside the UK can opt to receive a digital copy of the manual.

If you’d prefer to study PRINCE2 with the help of a professional trainer in a virtual PRINCE2 course, make sure to visit our PRINCE2 course page. Or, if you prefer to take a PRINCE2 online course, visit our PRINCE2 online course page.

Those candidates who choose to take a PRINCE2 virtual classes will receive the best PRINCE2 training available from an accredited PRINCE2 trainer via our virtual e-learning platform.

Our virtual classes include pre-course reading, all PRINCE2 qualification exams, and revision material at no extra cost.

Students of the PRINCE2 Foundation or PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner virtual class will also receive a copy of the official PRINCE2 handbook – Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2. Candidates in the UK can request a physical copy be mailed to them. Those candidates living outside the UK can opt to receive a digital copy of the manual.

Whether you’ve selected to study through a self-paced PRINCE2 online course or PRINCE2 virtual class, upon completion of your PRINCE2 training, you can redeem your provided PRINCE2 exam voucher through PeopleCert and book your exams online.

Exam bookings are available at all times of the day, every day of the week. You can register for your exam yourself, or you can call our team on +44 (0)207 148 5985, and we’ll book on your behalf.

To sit a PRINCE2 online exam, you’ll need internet access, a webcam, a quiet place to write your test, and any form of ID, be it a driver’s license or passport.

All PRINCE2 exams are monitored throughout the process. Candidates will receive preliminary exam results immediately, with official results released 1-3 working days after completion of your exam.

The PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is a great place to start for beginners. This course will show you how to work alongside project managers and how PRINCE2 helps guide the project life-cycle. Topics taught in this course include the 7 PRINCE2 principles, the 7 PRINCE2 themes, the 7 PRINCE2 processes, and more. This course teaches candidates how to act as informed members of a project development team.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification is designed to help students understand how to adapt and apply to PRINCE2 method to any given context. PRINCE2 isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all approach. The PRINCE2 Practitioner syllabus teaches how each element of the PRINCE2 framework fits together and how to achieve successful results with the resources at your disposal.

PRINCE2 Agile teaches PRINCE2 project managers how to adapt their approach to project management with the addition of modern agile tools and techniques. If you don’t already have a project management qualification or work experience as a project manager, it is recommend you start with a PRINCE2 course.

Many colleges and universities in the United Kingdom (e.g. The Open University) offer a variety of agile and project management qualifications and courses.

It may seem a good idea to take a more in-depth course, lasting many months as opposed to a few days. But, as experts in the field of project management, we know that employers value work experience far more than qualifications or degrees.

That’s why we always recommend earning your desired qualification as quickly as possible, increasing your chances of being invited to an interview so that you can start accruing industry-specific and practical project management experience ASAP.

If you’re an experience project manager and are interested in continued professional development, a university course may offer lengthy explanations of project management theory, but only our professional project management trainers, with decades of applied knowledge in project management can teach you practical, functional tools and skills that you can then use to manage your own projects.

PRINCE2 isn’t just a project management methodology. It’s also a valuable training and certification scheme.

Certified PRINCE2 Practitioners must dedicate time and effort towards furthering their professional development and education to maintain their qualifications.

PRINCE2 Foundation level certifications are valid for life and never expire.

PRINCE2 Practitioner level certifications, however, will expire after 3 years.

Maintaining your Practitioner certification requires that you re-take the Practitioner exam (you don’t have to re-take the whole Practitioner course) OR maintain your certification through accumulating Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points and joining the AXELOS membership programme.

PRINCE2 is an industry-standard. Many see it as the most basic requirement necessary to enter the field of project management. A PRINCE2 course is a great way to familiarise yourself with project management fundamentals and learn how to apply project management theory to your work.

While there are several different project management qualifications, none are as accessible and flexible as PRINCE2. That’s because PRINCE2 focuses on applying soft skills and a little bit of logic to everyday problems faced by project managers.

We recommend PRINCE2 if:

  • You want to work as a project manager in a PRINCE2 project environment
  • You work alongside PRINCE2 project managers and want to learn skills and terminology that will help improve your productivity
  • You’re a recent graduate and want to be hired in your first project management role, be it the management of small projects, as part of a development team, or in a role that supports the work of PRINCE2 project managers
  • You currently work as a project manager and want to improve your marketability in the project management profession, increasing your chance of promotion or being hired in a similar role.

The cost of a PRINCE2 certification varies with your choice of training provider and preferred course-delivery method.

Generally speaking, online self-study courses will be cheaper than virtual or in-person classes.

You might also opt to buy second-hand course materials. For example, purchasing a used copy of the PRINCE2 manual may save you a little bit of money.

Many accredited course providers offer payment plans to help spread the cost of a PRINCE2 course over several months. is an accredited training organisation specialising in PRINCE2 training. Our prices always remain competitive with market leaders. offers some of the highest-rated, customer-approved training courses.

Our courses are all-inclusive. They include all required learning and revision material you’ll need to pass your PRINCE2 exams. There are no hidden fees or expenses.

PRINCE 2 is used primarily in the UK and EU. PMP is the preferred project management qualification in North America.

PRINCE2 provides entry-level training. The PRINCE2 Foundation-level course has no minimum requirement. PMP requires that eligible candidates have several years of project management experience.

Those who desire a PMI qualification will generally begin with a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) qualification.

Both PRINCE2 and PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) qualifications are well-recognised, well-respected qualifications in project management. Which is best for you depends on where you want to work and how much experience in project management you have.