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PRINCE2 study options guide

by PRINCE2 Online
Explore the advantages of various PRINCE2 study formats to find the perfect fit for your learning style and schedule.
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Exploring PRINCE2 study formats

Choosing a study format for your PRINCE2 certification is a pivotal decision, affecting not only how you’ll absorb the material but also how effectively you can integrate studying into your life. With the prominence of PRINCE2 in project management, the range of available courses has expanded, catering to different preferences, from traditional classroom settings to innovative online formats.

Before committing to a study path, assess your personal learning style, the time you can dedicate to studying, and your career objectives. It’s also wise to consider the unique advantages and potential drawbacks of each format to find a solution that aligns with your goals and lifestyle.

Traditional classroom training

Engaging with a traditional classroom setting for PRINCE2 training offers a structured and guided approach to learning. In this environment, you learn from an experienced trainer, face-to-face, typically over a series of consecutive days.

Integrating structured learning

Classroom-based learning provides an organised schedule, which can help maintain focus and drive. The camaraderie of fellow students and the collective learning experience can foster deeper understanding and motivation.

Traditional classroom experience

One of the critical benefits of this format is the immediate feedback and clarification of concepts in real-time discussions. Moreover, the intensive nature of the classroom means that certification can be achieved quickly, often within a week, making it a fast track to qualification.

Considerations and constraints

However, practical considerations such as the requirement to travel to a training centre and the higher costs associated with this format can be limiting. Fixed schedules may not accommodate every learner’s needs, and the pace may not be suitable for all, leading some to feel rushed. Additionally, the experience can significantly vary depending on the provider, class size, venue quality, training materials, and the trainer’s expertise. When selecting a course provider, it’s essential to read the guide to choosing the best PRINCE2 training provider.

Virtual classroom training

The virtual classroom is a contemporary twist on the traditional classroom, leveraging technology to deliver an interactive and collaborative learning experience without leaving home.

Embracing the virtual learning realm

Virtual classrooms offer immediate access to instructors and the dynamic of a group setting, now accessed via your computer. This method has gained traction, especially in a post-pandemic world, balancing the structure of a classroom with the convenience of remote access.

Advantages of learning from anywhere

The ability to participate in courses from any location not only saves travel time and expense but also opens learning opportunities to a wider audience. The structure provided by a virtual classroom can help maintain a steady study pace and ensure completion within a set timeframe.

Virtual classroom dynamics

The virtual setting can still promote peer interaction through group exercises and discussions, providing a sense of community and collective learning. Course quality, however, may vary, and it’s vital to ensure the class size, trainer proficiency, and technical setup are conducive to a positive learning experience.

Particular attention should be paid to the potential for large classes and the clarity of communication from the trainer, especially if they are not in your time zone. As with the traditional classroom, costs can be a consideration, often making this the second most expensive method next to in-person training.

Self-paced online learning

For those seeking flexibility in their study schedule and a self-directed approach, self-paced PRINCE2 online courses are increasingly popular options.

Customising your learning journey

Self-paced online courses offer the freedom to study according to your own timetable and from any location. This format is ideal for individuals with variable schedules or those who prefer to digest information at their own speed.

Cost-effective and convenient

Online courses tend to be more affordable than classroom-based alternatives and remove the need for travel, making them accessible to a broader audience. The ability to learn on various devices, from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones, adds to the convenience.

The need for self-discipline

One of the main challenges is the requirement for self-motivation. Unlike structured classes, self-paced learning demands a higher level of discipline to avoid distractions and maintain progress. Another disadvantage is the potential delay in receiving support from trainers, which is typically offered via email or forums with a response time that can be up to 24 hours.

Support structures vary between providers, and it’s essential to research the level of assistance offered and how interactive the course materials are. High-quality courses use modern e-learning technologies and best practices in design to create engaging, interactive content that promotes understanding and retention.


Self-study is the most independent and cost-conscious path to PRINCE2 certification, relying primarily on the learner’s initiative to source and engage with the material.

The allure of autonomy

This option offers the ultimate flexibility, with no structured classes or set materials to follow. Self-study can be highly rewarding, allowing for in-depth exploration at your own pace.

Navigating the self-study landscape

However, self-study requires significant investment in time to find and verify resources. The reliability and quality of freely available materials can be questionable, and there is a risk of encountering outdated or incorrect information. Support from qualified trainers is not a feature of self-study, which can extend the learning curve and time to exam readiness. While budget-friendly, this route is generally considered the most challenging due to these factors. If you choose to self-study, it’s crucial to use accredited resources and complement them with reputable support materials to avoid pitfalls.

As you navigate your study options, remember that PRINCE2 certification can open doors to new career opportunities, increase your project management skills, and potentially lead to career advancement. Consider how each study format can help you achieve these outcomes and how the investment in your professional development could impact your career.

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