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PRINCE2 manual – Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2

by PRINCE2 Online
Learn how PRINCE2 can enhance your project management approach with this book review of the PRINCE2 manual.
PRINCE2 manual managing successful projects with PRINCE2 |


The PRINCE2 manual’s latest edition epitomises a comprehensive guide to the acclaimed PRINCE2 project management approach. Its global recognition stems from a structured, process-driven framework. Authored by experts under the aegis of PeopleCert, the 342-page manual is the quintessential PRINCE2 reference text. It is instrumental for professionals aspiring to adopt a methodical approach to their projects.

As the sanctioned manual by PeopleCert, it embodies the collaborative expertise from government and industry maestros, reflecting up-to-date project management practices. The manual isn’t just a repository of knowledge; it’s a practical companion for project managers. It is designed to impart theoretical knowledge of PRINCE2 while simultaneously offering actionable steps, ensuring adaptability and resilience in project management.

To further understand PRINCE2’s structured approach, readers may find the comparison between PRINCE2 and PMBOK particularly enlightening.

The ideal readers for the PRINCE2 guide

The ‘PRINCE2® 7 Managing Successful Projects’ guide encompasses utility for an extensive readership. Seasoned project management professionals will discover a trove of advanced insights, aligning with a consistent, standard system to manage projects effectively and deliver tangible outcomes. The manual affirms recognised practices and suggests enhancements to streamline project management processes.

Novices are introduced to the foundations of project management, dispelling the complexity of methodologies into comprehensible segments, reinforcing their initial training. The manual also targets project team members, often sidelined in the intricate confines of project management. They are offered a comprehensive grasp of PRINCE2 terminology, facilitating improved communication and teamwork.

Senior managers, engaged in strategic project decisions, are presented with structured advice to ensure projects align with broader organisational objectives. The manual aids in making informed decisions that enhance project benefits. For students delving into project management disciplines, mastery of the globally acknowledged PRINCE2 method is a substantial academic and career enhancer.

Consultants and trainers will deem the guide an indispensable reference, enriched with authoritative discourse on PRINCE2. Its detailed exposition of concepts ensures experts can extend up-to-date guidance and structured instruction throughout their professional engagements.

For those looking to pave their way in project management, understanding how PRINCE2 qualifications help your career can be pivotal.

The layout of the PRINCE2 manual

The manual’s architecture is purposefully crafted for user-friendliness and comprehension. Presenting nineteen chapters, two appendices, along with a glossary, it allows for quick referencing and in-depth study of specific subjects. The opening chapter introduces PRINCE2’s advantages and distinctive characteristics compared to other project management strategies.

Subsequent chapters meticulously explore each PRINCE2 principle, practice, or process, permitting readers to focus on topics particularly pertinent to their project needs. The appendices delve into PRINCE2 management products and illuminate roles and responsibilities within the methodology, serving as an essential reference. The glossary aids in demystifying PRINCE2 terminology, fostering fluency among readers.

For a detailed look at how PRINCE2 is structured, one might read about PRINCE2’s project stages for additional context.

Core principles of PRINCE2

At the heart of PRINCE2 lie the principles – foundational tenets that propel every facet of project management within the framework. The manual describes each of the seven principles thoroughly, showcasing their practical applicability to a gambit of project scenarios. These principles aren’t merely theoretical constructs; they resonate with pragmatic elements offering a framework that is logical, adaptable and universally applicable across projects.

The importance of the PRINCE2 principles in successful project management cannot be overstated – they ensure ongoing business justification, foster experiential learning, and endorse efficient management via defined roles and layers. The emphasis on product focus is crucial, underpinning the core objective of delivering real value rather than simply task completion.

Delving deeper into the principles is vital, and for readers wanting to explore further, the article on PRINCE2 principles is a great place to start.

The human aspect of PRINCE2 projects

Beyond processes and outputs, project management revolves around its most vital component – people. The manual’s chapter on the human aspect considers the ramifications of change on stakeholders. It guides on managing these changes effectively, ensuring they are welcomed and implemented seamlessly across the organisation.

Recognising the importance of organisational culture and team dynamics, the manual stresses a culture of cooperation and mutual support, critical for any project’s success. Integrating change management into project management practices highlights the manual, challenging prevailing notions and positioning people as central to achieving project aims.

Understanding the project’s ecosystem is crucial and insights can be gained from exploring PRINCE2 people for a more comprehensive view.

Key practices in PRINCE2

The manual’s discourse on practices isn’t isolated but forms part of an integrated approach to successful project delivery. Covering aspects from establishing a business case to the planning and execution stages, each practice is exhaustively detailed, ensuring comprehension of the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’.

Special focus is placed on risk management, issue resolution, and tracking project progress. With practical examples and step-by-step guidelines, the practices section is not just informative but readily applicable.

For readers interested in delving into this aspect, there’s much to learn from PRINCE2 practices, which expand on these concepts.

PRINCE2 processes explained

The manual’s portrayal of processes is depicted chronologically, encapsulating the project management lifecycle from inception to fruition. Each process is dissected into digestible sections, clarifying their purpose, objectives, context, activities, as well as delineating the roles and responsibilities.

This structured flow, combined with lucid writing, eases the reader’s comprehension of how each phase unravels and interlinks, propelling a project from its initiation to successful completion.

For a focused look at the importance of processes in project management, the literature on PRINCE2 processes offers an in-depth discussion.

The strengths of the PRINCE2 manual

The PRINCE2 manual triumphs in its logical presentation of project management principles and its application of relevant, relatable case studies. These examples breathe life into the methodology, transforming a subject that could be viewed as ontologically dense into something engaging and accessible. The manual’s commendable simplification of complex subjects makes it an invaluable read for both novices and experienced project managers.

Final thoughts on the PRINCE2 manual

Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 transcends being just a manual – it is an immersive tutorial into the core of PRINCE2 project management. Its exhaustive coverage of principles, practices, processes, and human aspects shapes it as an irreplaceable guide.

Those earnest in developing a career in project management will find the manual to be a sound investment in professional growth. By distilling intricate concepts into intelligible elements, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of well-crafted, proficiently delivered information.

The manual also forms a key part of any student’s preparation for the PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner examinations.

To understand the importance of robust preparation for PRINCE2 examinations, readers may benefit from guidance on how to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

References and further reading

The reference section embedded within the manual presents a broad gateway to further exploration into the PRINCE2 methodology. It demonstrates the manual’s role not only as an isolated resource but also as a conduit to a wider knowledge base within the sphere of project management.

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