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PRINCE2 Project Management

21 Apr 2024 By
Trainer explaining about PRINCE 2 project management

What is PRINCE2 project management?

PRINCE2 project management consists of 4 main elements:

1. PRINCE2 methodology

PRINCE2 is a structured project management methodology. Guidance to using PRINCE2 is in the form of the official PRINCE2 manual (‘Managing Successful Projects Using PRINCE2® 2017 Edition’, ISBN: 9780113315338, 18 May 2017).

2. PRINCE2 project management certification

PRINCE2 certification is for people either in the project management profession or seeking entry into the profession.

3. PRINCE2 project management training

Thousands of people learn about PRINCE2 project management every week, often by attending a PRINCE2 course, or by taking a PRINCE2 course online. That means thousands of people are currently studying to learn about PRINCE2 and seeking PRINCE2 project management qualifications.

4. PRINCE2 project management professional community

There are hundreds of thousands of active PRINCE2 professionals applying PRINCE2 in their daily jobs forming an active body of PRINCE2 practitioners.

PRINCE2 project management methodology

PRINCE2 is a principles-based project management method. Its principles are universal, so they are applicable anywhere, anytime, on any project.PRINCE2 offers guidance about managing core project management themes. Its themes cover business justification, organization, quality, risk, plans, change and progress. The themes enable the project management team to control the timescales, costs, quality, scope, benefits, and risks of a project.PRINCE2 also describes a project lifecycle model in the form of processes. These describe who takes what decisions, and when.If you use PRNCE2 on a project you must tailor the themes and processes suitable for the scale, complexity, and risk of the project. The PRINCE2 manual offers guidance about tailoring the full method including its principles, themes, processes.

PRINCE2 project management certification

PRINCE2 project management qualifications are popular. Since 1996 over 2 million PRINCE2 exams have been taken somewhere in the world. This makes PRINCE2 the most popular project management certification anywhere in the world.The 2 levels of PRINCE2 project management certification are:

PRINCE2 project management courses

A PRINCE2 Foundation course typically teaches students the basics of the method. The basics of the method is tested on the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.Higher-level PRINCE2 Practitioner courses teach people how to apply the methodol to a non-complex project scenario. Such a course will prepare students to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam.

PRINCE2 project management community

Because PRINCE2 is a proven project management method, people all over the world use it to help them deliver their projects. It is popular because it offers benefits both to individual practitioners and to organisations.PRINCE2 Practitioners can take advantage of the AXELOS membership scheme. This is an online content subscription enabling members to apply best practices and develop their skills and knowledge.

PRINCE2 project management infographic

Infographic showing PRINCE project management is comprised of a methodology, certification, training and practitioners.