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PRINCE2 and your career

18 Apr 2024 By

Not sure whether you should take a PRINCE2 course? Or, if it is the right course? Or, if it will help your career? These and lots of other questions are answered in this article.

PRINCE2 Careers

Why should I study PRINCE2?

There are 11 good reasons to study PRINCE2:
  • PRINCE2 is the top project management method
  • More project managers are needed
  • Many roles require project management skills
  • PRINCE2 can boost your career
  • PRINCE2 can boost your salary
  • PRINCE2 will make you more confident
  • PRINCE2 will make you a better project manager
  • PRINCE2 qualifications are quick
  • PRINCE2 isn’t difficult
  • PRINCE2 can open global doors
  • You can gain respect from your peers
More details about the reasons to study PRINCE2 can be found on our site.

What’s the best course to get into project management?

If you’re UK-based and want a professional certificate in project management, choose one of these:
Choose oneCertificationWhat you’ll get
I’m not in the software industryPRINCE2 Foundation and PractitionerUnderstanding of how to manage any type of project
I’m in the software industryAgilePM® Foundation and PractitionerUnderstanding of how to manage agile projects
If you’re UK-based and want to learn some practical project management skills choose one of these:
Choose oneCertificationWhat you’ll get
I want a 1-day practical courseIntroduction to Project ManagementBasic understanding of projects and some core tools and techniques to use on projects
I want a 2-day practical courseFundamentals of Project ManagementWider understanding of projects and more advanced tools and techniques to use on projects
Read more about which course to choose to help you get into project management.

Can PRINCE2 get me a job?

We cannot guarantee you that taking a PRINCE 2 course will get you a project management job. Job candidates often need experience too. Without PRINCE2 though, it is unlikely you will get an interview.

PRINCE2 or Agile – which is best?

It depends upon the industry or sector you work in and your background.Software and creative industries Agile methods are often used by developers in the software industry. Creative industries like marketing often use an iterative agile approach too.If you work in these industries take an AgilePM® course instead of PRINCE2.Public sector If you work in the UK public sector, PRINCE2 is the main qualification. You’ll see it on many job adverts. A PRINCE2 course is better for you.Other industries and sectors For anyone else based in the UK, take PRINCE2. PRINCE2 will give you a good understanding of project management. You can then apply it on any project.From outside the UK If you hold a non-UK qualification such as the PMI PMP, then consider taking PRINCE2. It’s a great compliment because of the knowledge it provides. You’ll also get PMI PDUs by attending a PRINCE2 course.