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What is PRINCE2 certification and how good is it?

23 Nov 2023 By

PRINCE2 is a flexible project management methodology that can be applied to all types of projects in the workplace. It helps teams plan the project steps required to achieve a specific goal. It also offers PRINCE2 certification. Many project managers hold PRINCE2 qualifications as proof they have the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage complex projects.

PRINCE2 is an industry standard and many see it as the most basic requirement necessary to enter the field of project management. A PRINCE2 course is a great way to familiarize yourself with project management fundamentals and learn how to apply project management theory to your work.While there are several different kinds of project management qualifications, none are as accessible and flexible as PRINCE2. That’s because PRINCE2 focuses on applying soft skills and a little bit of logic to every-day problems faced by project managers.There are several levels of PRINCE2 qualification suitable for both veteran project managers and prospective project managers. Entry-level qualifications have no prerequisites. Intermediate qualifications only require that you first complete a beginners’ course.If you’re having trouble figuring out which qualification is best for you, keep in mind that the PRINCE2 method and PRINCE2 principles can be used alongside other project management standards and frameworks. There’s no harm in supplementing your existing skills with the knowledge provided by a PRINCE2 training course.

What does a project manager do?

A project manager uses people, skills and resources to plan and complete projects. It can sometimes be a difficult task considering many projects involve large teams and specialized equipment or software.Project managers need to be experts in communication and have in-depth knowledge of their chosen industry. Some project management roles can be very technical and might require the use of advanced software.Project management is traditionally viewed as an extension of a pre-existing role. Being a project manager requires a broad understanding of the many roles, skills and resources used in an industry. That kind of knowledge only comes from having worked in an industry for several years. Even if you don’t consider yourself a project manager, you’ll find almost every job has a little bit to do with project management – even if it’s just sending out an office memo or talking with clients.While it’s not always possible for employers to know if a candidate is an industry expert, many recognize PRINCE2 qualifications as a sign of competency in project management.

What PRINCE2 certification levels are there?

PRINCE2 has 2 levels of certification.The entry-level of PRINCE2 certification (PRINCE2 Foundation) is made for those with no experience whatsoever. It’s a great place to learn the fundamentals of project management and become familiar with some technical terms used by project managers. The higher PRINCE2 certification (PRINCE2 Practitioner) is for those who already have some project management experience and for those looking to begin their first management role. This is a great place to start if you already manage low risk and/or low visibility projects or if you think you’d benefit from having a more in-depth appreciation of project management.

What jobs can you get with a PRINCE2 qualification?

A PRINCE2 qualification on its’ own won’t guarantee you a job. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t become PRINCE2 certified.PRINCE2 is an industry standard, meaning you won’t be offered certain roles having a PRINCE2 qualification. The process is easy and shouldn’t take more than a few days. If you think a PRINCE2 qualification might make you more employable, there’s no reason to delay.

What are the PRINCE2 requirements?

The good news is there’s no entry requirements for a PRINCE2 Foundation course. An intermediate PRINCE2 Practitioner course only requires that you first pass your Foundation exam.Knowledge Train offers both PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner courses.Knowledge Train boasts a pass rate that’s 10% higher than the national standard. Our courses are some of the best on market. Successful Knowledge Train candidates can go on to earn an average annual salary of £32,000+


Whether you’re looking to enter the project management industry, or if your current role requires knowledge of project management, Knowledge Train will provide every resource possible to ensure you get the best PRINCE2 education possible.As an industry standard, no other project management course offers the credibility and flexibility of a PRINCE2 qualification.