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Online exams

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exam

Online PRINCE2 Foundation exam

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam tests your understanding of the PRINCE2 principles, themes and processes. Passing your PRINCE2 Foundation exam is the first step towards becoming a certified project manager!A PRINCE2 Foundation certification is ideal for those who support the work of project managers and developers, and require basic knowledge of how PRINCE2 facilitates successful project management.This exam comes with 7-day access to our PRINCE2 Foundation online course and practice exams. Course content is based on the latest PRINCE2 6th edition manual – Managing Successful projects with PRINCE2.
  • PRINCE2 certifications are recognized around the world as a standard of competence in project management
  • Passing the PRINCE2 Foundation exam demonstrates your understanding of the PRINCE2 framework and your ability to work as a productive member of a project management team.
Accreditation Accreditation: AXELOS
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: None
exam-online Format: Online exam
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Online PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam test your ability to tailor the PRINCE2 framework to suit various scenarios, projects and contexts.A PRINCE2 Practitioner certification is ideal for those who want to work as certified PRINCE2 project managers within a PRINCE2 project environment.This exam comes with 7-day access to our PRINCE2 Practitioner online course and practice exams. Course content is based on the latest PRINCE2 6th edition manual.
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner qualifications are seen as the most basic requirement to begin working as a project manager in the UK
  • Passing your PRINCE2 Practitioner exam shows you understand how the many aspects of PRINCE2 can be tailored to fit any project and that you possess an adequate skills in project management.
Accreditation Accreditation: AXELOS
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: PRINCE2 Foundation
exam-online Format: Online exam

Learn more about PRINCE2 Agile exams

PRINCE2 Agile exams

Buy your PRINCE2 Agile exam-only option if you want to get certification by studying alone without taking a training course.Exams available on paper or online.
Accreditation Accreditation: AXELOS
Pre-requisites Pre-requisites: PRINCE2 Agile Foundation
exam-online Format: Online exam


PRINCE2 exam (FAQ)

The cost of a PRINCE2 exam may vary between training providers. You can expect the cost of a PRINCE2 exam to range anywhere from £200 to £300 in the UK. This, of course, depends largely on the exam format (paper exams taken at an exam centre are usually more expensive than online alternatives) and any additional services that may be offered alongside your chosen exam.If you choose to take your PRINCE2 exam through PRINCE2 Online you’ll receive an online exam voucher, 1-week access to the relevant online self-study course as well as practice exams to help you prepare.
PRINCE2 is both a project management methodology. But, it is also a project management training and certification scheme.PRINCE2 exams are designed to test your understanding of the PRINCE2 methodology. Each course has a corresponding exam. Each exam follows a different format and requires you learn a different aspect of the PRINCE2 method.The PRINCE2 Foundation exam requires that you are able to answer short questions regarding the basics of the PRINCE 2 method such as the intent, purpose and application of the PRINCE2 themes, principles and processes.The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is more involved, presenting candidates with compound, multi-part questions and answers. To pass this exam, you’ll need a solid understanding of the PRINCE2 method, and how it can be tailored to suit different project requirements, resources and environments.Passing your exams will award you with an internationally recognized project management certification.
PRINCE2 exams can no longer be taken in person at an exam centre, all PRINCE2 exams must now be sat online through PeopleCert.If you book an online exam through us, we’ll provide you with an exam voucher – required to register for an online exam, as well as access to our self-study courses and practice exams to help you prepare.To take an online exam, you’ll need a stable internet connection, a webcam, a quiet room to sit the exam and identification (photo ID, passport, driver’s license etc.). Exams are monitored by an external invigilator.Online bookings are available 24/7, we recommend you book at least 24 hours in advance to secure your desired time-slot. You can either do this yourself through PeopleCert, or you can all our staff on +44 (0)207 148 5985 and we’ll do it for you.
The PRINCE2 Foundation level exam is a short, 1-hour, multiple choice paper. Students are tested on the basic PRINCE2 principles, themes and process that underpin the method. The exam is closed-book, it does not allow additional reading material, nor does it allow use of the PRINCE2 manual.The PRINCE2 Foundation exam is a fairly simple test with a national average pass rates in the UK of 95% (Our students at PRINCE2 Online have a pass rate of 99%!).The PRINCE2 Practitioner level exam is a longer, 2.5 hour, objective question test. Candidates are tested on more advanced information such as how to tailor individual aspects of the PRINCE2 method to suit varying contexts. Questions are presented not in multiple choice format, but as objective-type questions. This means you may be asked to select 4 responses from a group of 12 possible correct answers. Often, you might find that all possible answers are correct, but must find the ‘best’ solution to a given problem.In the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam, you’ll be allowed use of notes and the PRINCE2 manual. We strongly advise against relying on the manual to pass however. There’s simply not enough time given in the exam to read through a chapter in search of answers. The manual should be used sparingly, with notes to help you find those small pieces of relevant information quickly.The PRINCE2 Practitioner exam is definitely more challenging that the PRINCE2 Foundation exam, The UK national average pass rate is 73% (Our students at have an average pass rate of 83%!).
PRINCE2 Foundation exam
  • The exam duration is 1 hour
  • Answers are presented as multiple choice
  • The pass mark is 55% or 28 correct answers of 50 questions
  • No additional reading material is allowed, nor are candidates allowed use of the PRINCE2 manual
  • There are no prerequisites to sit this exam
  • Results will be given on the same day, or within 1 working day of completing your exam.
PRINCE2 Practitioner exam
  • The exam duration is 150 minutes (2.5 hours)
  • Answers are presented as objective-type (compound answers)
  • The pass mark is 55% or 38 correct answers of 68 questions
  • Candidates may make use of the PRINCE2 manual and additional notes
  • To sit this exam you must first pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam
  • Results are usually given within 3 working days.