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PRINCE2 Agile exams

PRINCE2 Agile exams

To take your PRINCE2 Agile exam without training, please book your PRINCE2 Agile exam below. All PRINCE2 Agile exams are taken online.

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PRINCE2 Agile Accredited Training Organisation.

Select your PRINCE2 Agile exam

Book your PRINCE2 Foundation Agile exam online.
PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exam

Book your 1-hour PRINCE2 Agile Foundation exam.

This exam only option includes 7 days’ access to PRINCE2 Agile Foundation elearning.

Book your PRINCE2 Practitioner Agile exam online.
PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam

Book your 2.5-hour PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam.

This exam only option includes 7 days’ access to PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner elearning.

PRINCE2 Agile exam (FAQ)

Master PRINCE2 with Industry Experts

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of project management training, specializing in PRINCE2® and PRINCE2 Agile® methodologies. Our approach is deeply rooted in practicality — we don’t just teach theory, we immerse you in real-world scenarios. Our trainers are seasoned professionals who have been in the trenches and know what it takes to succeed. They’re not just instructors; they’re mentors who will understand your unique challenges and steer you toward excellence.

Get in touch

For information on PRINCE2 or PRINCE2 Agile training courses within the UK or internationally, please reach out to us. Our dedicated team of experts, who specialize in the PRINCE2 methodologies, are eager to discuss your educational or professional needs.

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