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PRINCE2 Agile: book review

by PRINCE2 Online
PRINCE2 Agile® (2018 3rd impression; UK: The Stationery Office; ISBN: 9780113314676). Read this book review to reveal why this manual is crucial for project success.
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An essential guide for PRINCE2 Agile learning

AXELOS introduced PRINCE2 Agile to the world in 2015, offering a manual that shows how to unite PRINCE2’s structured approach with the adaptability of Agile methods.

In the evolving world of project management, the PRINCE2 Agile book by Keith Richards stands as a cornerstone for those looking to integrate the best of PRINCE2’s structured project management with Agile’s adaptability. The book, substantial at 338 pages, is indispensable for professionals on their journey to PRINCE2 Agile certification.

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Detailed composition of the PRINCE2 Agile manual

The PRINCE2 Agile guide is expertly laid out in three sections, across 28 chapters, with additional insightful appendices and a glossary. Its user-friendly structure supports both novices to Agile methods and experienced project managers exploring the integration of PRINCE2 and Agile.

Visual learning aids

Readers benefit from the clarity provided by the manual’s hand-drawn-style diagrams, which simplify complex concepts and engage visual learners.

Foundations of PRINCE2 and Agile integration

Early chapters lay a foundation for understanding the principles of PRINCE2 and Agile. Richards skilfully bridges these two methodologies, presenting a unified approach to managing projects that benefit from the strengths of both PRINCE2 and Agile frameworks.

Agile tools within PRINCE2’s structure

Richards discusses Agile tools like sprints and stand-ups, positioning them within PRINCE2’s governance framework. This integration allows for a flexible yet controlled approach to project management, essential in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Tailoring PRINCE2 for Agile environments

Central to the guide is how to adjust PRINCE2 principles, processes, and themes to fit within an Agile context. This segment is particularly relevant for students engaged in PRINCE2 Agile training courses, as it provides a blueprint for the practical application of the methodology.

Agile behaviours in action

Focusing on application, this section outlines five key Agile behaviours and illustrates how these can be woven into the fabric of PRINCE2’s structure to enhance project management.

Transitioning to and mastering Agile with PRINCE2

The latter chapters offer insight for those familiar with PRINCE2 or Agile, aiding the transition to a blended approach. The focus is on achieving synergy between the methodologies for more efficient and effective project delivery.

Facilitating communication and regular releases

Effective communication and the rhythm of regular releases are pillars of Agile success. Richards emphasises the importance of these practices for maintaining momentum and keeping stakeholders informed and engaged.

Comprehensive appendices for in-depth PRINCE2 Agile understanding

The appendices provide a wealth of information, outlining management products and roles, a project health-check, and summaries of Agile principles, offering a broad spectrum of knowledge crucial for anyone involved in a PRINCE2 Agile project.

From Scrum guides to health checks

Whether a reader is seeking an understanding of Scrum’s core concepts or methods for conducting project health checks, the appendices cover a vast array of subjects with precision and clarity.

Endorsement of the PRINCE2 Agile manual’s utility

This manual is a vital tool for project managers aiming to blend the PRINCE2 methodology with Agile practices, setting a standard for the integration of these two powerful approaches to project management.

Gearing up for certification

For professionals gearing up for PRINCE2 Agile certification, this guide serves as an indispensable resource. Paired with a focused PRINCE2 Agile training course and thorough exam preparation, the manual is a definitive companion for certification success.

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