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Why you should study PRINCE2

1 Dec 2023 By

Here’s 11 reasons you should study for your PRINCE2 certification through our online PRINCE2 courses today!

1. PRINCE2 is the top project management qualification in the world.

It’s more widely recognized than any other project management qualification on the market!

2. There is a growing demand for project managers.

More and more organizations are starting to realize the benefit this role can bring to their business.

3. Many roles require project management skills.

You don’t have to be a dedicated project manager to benefit from the training provided by our PRINCE2 project management training courses.

4. PRINCE2 can boost your career

A PRINCE2 qualification can make your skills more marketable and give you access to new and exciting career opportunities.

5. PRINCE2 can boost your salary

A PRINCE2 qualification can improve your chances of promotion and make you’re a more appealing candidates for high-paying project management roles.

6. PRINCE2 will make you more confident

These PRINCE2 courses will teach you everything you need to know to start managing projects with confidence!

7. PRINCE2 will make you a better project manager

Learning how to apply the PRINCE2 method can improve your ability to deliver successful projects. The PRINCE2 method can also be used to supplement any other project management methodology.

8. PRINCE2 qualification are quick

You can earn your first PRINCE2 qualification in just 2 days with our PRINCE2 Foundation course. Or in just 20 hours of self-study through our PRINCE2 Foundation online courses.

9. PRINCE2 isn't difficult

PRINCE2 doesn’t rely on comprehensive knowledge of detailed processes. Thanks to our expert PRINCE2 instructors, our PRINCE2 Foundation courses have a pass rate of 99%!

10. PRINCE2 can open global doors

PRINCE2 is used as a project management method all around the globe. Earning your PRINCE2 certification can give you access to job opportunities in more than 150 countries worldwide.

11. You can gain respect from your peers

PRINCE2 is seen as a standard of competence in the project management industry. Earning your PRINCE2 qualification shows peers and employers that your knowledgeable and confident in your skills as a project manager.