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The AMP Group and the OGC: PRINCE2 Project Management Framework and Qualifications

4 May 2022 By

PRINCE2 is both a project management methodology and a set of professional qualifications. Originally developed for use in UK-government, IT projects, it is now the de-facto standard across the UK public sector, and is also widely used in the UK private sector, and abroad, in projects of all sizes, goals, and environments. While the UK government remains responsible for the development and maintenance of a PRINCE2 knowledge base, the organization responsible for accrediting PRINCE2 training organization and qualifying PRINCE2 practitioners is the APM-Group.


Originally the CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency), the OGC (Office of Government Commerce) was the custodian of the PRINCE2 framework until June 2010, when PRINCE2 was transferred, together with other best management practices (such as MSP, the programme management methodology) to the UK Cabinet Office.

The contribution of the OGC/Cabinet Office to PRINCE2 is profound, encompassing not only publications such as the official PRINCE2 manual (the basis of the PRINCE2 examinations), but also producing case studies, PRINCE2 templates, the GatewayTM Review Process for projects and programmes, white papers regarding the theory and practice of project management, and the maintenance of an online knowledge base regarding the PRINCE2 methodology.

The APM-Group and PRINCE2

The APMG is an international organization that certifies project managers. Among its qualifications are the PRINCE2 project management certificates, which are available across the world, in a variety of languages, through classroom-based and online courses, and by paper or online examination.

In addition to administering examinations, the APMG is responsible for accrediting PRINCE2 training organizations, trainers, and PRINCE2 course materials. It is crucial, when selecting a PRINCE2 training course, to ensure that the course, trainer, and materials are provided by an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), in order to ensure the quality of the course and submission for the PRINCE2 exams.

Furthermore, the APMG also maintains a Successful Candidates Register on its official website, providing an accessible resource for organizations and employers to verify the project management qualifications of job candidates. This register includes students who have gained the PRINCE2 Foundation certificate, and those who hold a valid PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification. (It is important to be aware that the PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate must be renewed once every five years, through the PRINCE2 Re-registration exam.)