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What does PRINCE2 stand for?

PRINCE2 stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments. It’s the world’s leading project management methodology.

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is the world’s leading project management methodology. PRINCE2 is based on modern best practices in project management. You can use PRINCE2 in any industry and on any type or scale of project. PRINCE2 helps organisations achieve many important things, including:
  • Taking sensible investment decisions about projects
  • Keeping control over things such as time, cost, quality, risk and scope
  • Delivering outputs which will help achieve its goals.
PRINCE2 gives guidance to people taking decisions on projects.It answers questions about:
  • What decisions to take?
  • Who takes decisions?
  • When to take decisions?
  • What documents or reports are required to support those decisions?

What's the history of PRINCE2?

1975 - Simpact Systems Ltd (UK) created a project management method called PROMPT. 1979 - Adopted as the standard for all UK Government IT projects. 1989 - PRINCE was created by CCTA (the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency) by revising PROMPT. 1996 - PRINCE2 was created as a generic project management method. 2017 - Most recent updates to PRINCE2 manual.

Who is PRINCE2 for?

PRINCE2 certification is for people who either:
  • Work on projects or teams
  • Support projects
  • Lead teams
  • Manage projects
  • Direct projects
  • Sponsor projects
  • Manage operations.

What is the PRINCE2 methodology?

PRINCE2 is the world’s leading structured project management methodology. PRINCE2 provides guidance about the best ways to manage projects. It helps organizations get better control over projects. In turn this enables a better return on investment. The PRINCE2 method is structured into 7 well-defined processes to address typical project management needs.PRINCE2 consists of 4 integrated elements:
  1. Principles
  2. Themes
  3. Processes
  4. Tailoring to the project environment.
Read more: PRINCE2 Methodology.

What is PRINCE2 project management?

PRINCE2 project management refers to the application of the PRINCE2 methodology to a project. When applying PRINCE2, you must do the following:
  1. Apply the 7 principles of PRINCE2
  2. Adapt the 7 PRINCE2 themes to meet your project’s needs
  3. Adapt the 7 PRINCE2 processes to meet your project’s needs
  4. Adapt the 26 management products of PRINCE2
  5. Assign the roles and responsibilities defined by PRINCE2 to a specific individual.
To learn how to apply PRINCE2 on different projects, people normally study the PRINCE2 Practitioner level qualification. Read more: What is PRINCE2?.
If you’re concerned whether you can understand and pass the PRINCE2 exams, consider these facts. If you apply yourself to studying, then you’ve got a great chance of becoming PRINCE2 certified.

Do I need experience to take PRINCE2?

No. Many people attending a PRINCE 2 course have no previous project management experience. Others come with some experience. The course assumes students have no experience. We will teach you a core understanding of project management using PRINCE2. Before taking a PRINCE2 Practitioner course, you need to have the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification.

Foundation and Practitioner - what’s the difference?

Here are the main differences between PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner.
PRINCE2 FoundationPRINCE2 Practitioner
Entry-level qualificationHigher-level qualification
No experience or qualifications requiredPRINCE2 Foundation required
Learn a basic understanding of PRINCE2Learn to apply PRINCE2 to simple projects
For people working on or supporting projectsFor people managing or directing projects, and operational managers
2-day course2.5-day course
1-hour exam, 60 questions, 55% pass mark2.5-hour exam, 68 questions, 55% pass mark

How do I renew my PRINCE2?

To renew your PRINCE2 Practitioner, you need to pass the Practitioner exam. We recommend you attend a course to learn the latest 2017 version of PRINCE2. There are classroom and online course options to choose from.

Is PRINCE2 software?

No. PRINCE2 is a method to help you manage projects. It’s not a software tool.

What’s the latest version of PRINCE2?

The latest version of PRINCE2 is the 2017 version.

What is the PRINCE2 manual?

The official PRINCE2 manual contains guidance about the methodology.
  • Title: ‘Managing Successful Projects Using PRINCE2® 2017 Edition’.
  • Pages: 400
  • ISBN: 9780113315338
  • Published: 18 May 2017