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PRINCE2 and the CCTA, the OGC, and the Cabinet Office

27 Nov 2023 By

Through its lifetime of some thirty years, PRINCE2 has been associated with various UK government offices. Initially established by the CCTA (the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency), which was later renamed the OGC (the Office of Government Commerce), in 2010 PRINCE2 moved, together with other OGC Best Practice Management functions, to the UK Cabinet Office.

PRINCE2 and the OGC

The OGC was responsible Best Management Practice and its associated portfolio of products and qualifications for a full decade, from 2000 until June 2010.In addition to maintaining and developing the PRINCE2 project management methodology, the OGC developed the OGC GatewayTM Review Process for the evaluation of programmes and projects at key points in their lifecycle. The project gateway review process continues to be used on government and non-government projects in the UK and abroad.

PRINCE2 and the Cabinet Office

Since June 2010, the Cabinet Office has acted as the custodian of the government’s Best Management Practice Portfolio, which includes PRINCE2 (project management), MSP (programme management), M_o_R (risk management), and a range of other best management practices. While accreditation and qualification is managed by the APM-Group, Best Management Practice oversees the development of PRINCE2 materials, including official guidelines, templates, case studies, and publications.

PRINCE2 in the UK Government

Public sector projects are often operated on a scale that can entail impact on the lives of a substantial proportion of the population. It is therefore particularly important that government projects are run according to effective and efficient project management guidelines. It is for this purpose that the PRINCE framework was initially introduced, and subsequently developed and maintained, within various UK government departments. While PRINCE2 cannot guarantee project success, compliance with the methodology does enhance project management control, minimize the probability and impact of project risks, and maximize the possibility of realizing the project’s goal.