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10 reasons your boss should fund your PRINCE2 training

12 Nov 2023 By

Projects help organisations change, grow and move forward. Organisations also perform projects to benefit their customers, clients or the general public.

PRINCE2 trainingIf you’re a project manager and you want your boss to fund your PRINCE2 training, how do you convince them to pay for it?Read this article for 10 reasons to help you sell your PRINCE 2 course to your boss!

1. Return on investment

Selling PRINCE2 Training To Your BossIf you go on a PRINCE2 course and come back brimming with knowledge and ideas about how to better manage your projects, then your organization will benefit as you begin to manage your projects more effectively.Therefore, your boss can expect a better return on investment (ROI) from your future projects.So, investing a small amount now to get a much bigger ROI in future is surely a no-brainer!

2. Generic

Selling PRINCE2 Training To Your BossNo matter how big or how small your project is, no matter what type of project it is, you can still use PRINCE2. That’s right – it can be used on all types and sizes of projects. That means your marketing projects as well as your IT projects can all be managed with the same method.

3. Save your boss’s time

Selling PRINCE2 Training To Your BossNobody likes to attend meetings, especially the boring progress-type meetings. Your boss is probably already extremely busy and when your next project starts, he or she is probably dreading the extra meetings required.Well, the good news for your boss is that PRINCE2 recommends not having regular meetings between the project manager and project sponsor because the information about progress can be conveyed in reports. Applying PRINCE2 therefore will save your boss time.

4. Most popular for a reason

Selling PRINCE2 Training To Your BossPRINCE2 is the world’s most popular project management framework. More people are certified in PRINCE2 than any other project management certification.It’s widely practiced especially in the UK, but increasingly internationally. That’s in both the public and private sectors. Many international organisations use PRINCE2 to help them manage their projects.There’s a good reason why these organisations use it – it’s a proven and effective method which works. It can work for your organization too.

5. Best practices

Selling PRINCE2 Training To Your BossPRINCE2 is based upon modern best practices in project management. In other words, it was developed by some very experienced project managers, so you will benefit from their enormous experience. There’s no need for your organization to create its own project management method. Just apply PRINCE2 and tailor it to suit your organisation’s needs accordingly.

6. Common vocabulary

Selling PRINCE2 Training To Your BossIf you study PRINCE2 with others from your organisation, you’ll learn a common vocabulary which you can use on all your projects. This can help to make your project communications more efficient.

7. Continuously improve

Selling PRINCE2 Training To Your BossThere’s an inbuilt mechanism in PRINCE2 to continuously improve your organization’s project management practices. It’s one of PRINCE2’s most important features. Over time, if you use PRINCE2 you will learn to make fewer mistakes and your projects will become more efficient. This will help save your organization time and money.

8. Works with other methods

Selling PRINCE2 Training To Your BossIf you work in the IT industry, the chances are that you will have heard of Agile. These are development methods recently designed to assist teams of software developers deliver software more efficiently. If your organisation uses agile methods, they will work alongside PRINCE2. In fact the latest version of PRINCE2 was designed to work alongside such agile methods and fills many of the holes which exist with agile methods.

9. Clear structure

Selling PRINCE2 Training To Your BossPRINCE2 is very clear about which project management role is responsible and accountable and for what. You mean there’s a bunch of roles defined in PRINCE2, not just project manager? That’s right, there’s team manager role as well as project manager. There’s a support role and more senior roles too.A great thing about PRINCE2 is that it specifically describes which role is responsible for taking which decisions and when. This can be of enormous benefit to your projects because it helps everyone understand who is responsible.

10. Decision points

Selling PRINCE2 Training To Your BossEvery project has a beginning, a middle and an end. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone involved knows what decisions need to be taken and when? Well, if you go on a PRINCE2 course, this is one of the things that you’ll learn about. This means that when you plan your project you can plan the key dates when your boss will need to be involved in taking decisions.


So that concludes our 10 ways to sell PRINCE2 training to your boss.We’ve shown you in this article how PRINCE2 can be of benefit to your organization. The relatively small cost involved if you attend a PRINCE2 training course will be far outweighed by the benefits once you start to apply PRINCE2 on your projects.So, don’t delay any longer. Book that meeting with your boss and explain to him how you think PRINCE2 is going to help him and your organisation better manage its projects.