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11 reasons to get PRINCE2® qualified

17 Nov 2023 By
PRINCE2 qualified

1. PRINCE2 is the world’s number 1 project management method.

People use PRINCE2 on projects the world over. Gaining certification means you’ll learn the PRINCE2 terminology. You can engage and communicate better with others at work because you’ll all speak the same language.

2. Demand for project managers is increasing

In 2017 the Project Management Institute (PMI)® published its ‘Job Growth and Talent Gap’ paper. This reported that globally during 2017-27 there will be 20 million new project management jobs. In the UK there will be over 200,000 new jobs. It's clear that projects are becoming more common. Gaining a PRINCE2 certification is a vital first step to getting a related role.

3. Project management is becoming a basic business skill

In 2017 AXELOS surveyed project professionals in The Future Project Manager Report. 76% of respondents believed project management will become a basic business skill. Many professionals – not only project managers – need project management skills and knowledge. The best way to achieve that is by getting certified.

4. PRINCE2 can boost your career

In the UK and Europe employers usually expect a PRINCE2 qualification from candidates. For project support or administrator jobs a PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is usually needed. These employers also usually want project managers who are PRINCE2 Practitioner qualified. After a project support or administrator role you can move up into a project manager role.

5. PRINCE2 can boost your salary

Salaries for project-oriented professionals are 85% higher than non-project professionals [1]. Getting your PRINCE2 certification is the first step to a project role with a higher salary.

6. PRINCE2 will make you more confident

If you learn PRINCE2 you can return to work feeling more confident about your project role. You’ll should have confidence to know what is to be done, who needs to do it, and when. Your employers will notice your confidence in your project role. They should also notice your qualification - especially if you let them know.

7. PRINCE2 will make you a better project manager

PRINCE2 consists of best practices in project management. It describes the kinds of things which work well when managing projects. By applying best practices on your projects, they will more likely be successful. Let your employers know about your project management qualifications and successes. They should boost your promotion or employment chances.

8. PRINCE2 qualifications are quick

It only takes only 2 days of PRINCE 2 training to get a Foundation qualification. It takes 4 days of training to get Foundation & Practitioner qualifications. You can also gain certification by taking PRINCE2 weekend training. If you prefer you can get your qualification by taking a PRINCE2 course online. This is a great option if you cannot attend a classroom course. Take your PRINCE2 exams online whenever you’re ready.

9. PRINCE2 isn’t difficult

Some people think getting PRINCE2 is hard. Compared to some other project management qualifications it’s not. In the UK, average pass rates for PRINCE2 Foundation exams are 97%. Practitioner exam pass rates average 73%. With the right course and a good trainer, you have a great chance of getting PRINCE2 certified.

10. PRINCE2 can open global doors

Lots of multinationals and governmental organisations recognise PRINCE2. Gaining PRINCE2 qualifications can provide opportunities for employment abroad. The United Nations requires PRINCE2 qualifications for many of its jobs. That's important if you work in the aid sector.

11. Gain respect from your peers

All professional qualifications can help you gain respect from your peers. PRINCE2 is no different. Use your PRINCE2 qualifications and knowledge to become a better project practitioner. Gain respect at work and see your career grow. Reasons To Get PRINCE2 Qualified Now Please use the code below to embed the infographic on your webpage:[1] Project Management Institute. (2017). Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017 & 2027. Available: Last accessed 10 Dec 2018. PMI is a registered mark of Project Management Institute, Inc.