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What is the PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate?

5 May 2022 By

The PRINCE2 Foundation certificate is the basic level of qualification in the PRINCE2 project management methodology. It is appropriate for individuals working on a project team, particularly on projects run in accordance with PRINCE2 guidelines. Successful candidates are eligible to be listed in the Successful Candidate Register, and can chose at any time to proceed to the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination.

What is PRINCE2 Foundation about?

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam covers all of the material in the official PRINCE2 course manual. This encompasses the seven PRINCE2 principles, themes, and processes, as well as the twenty-six management products associated with the PRINCE2 methodology. The comprehensiveness and scope of this data makes an experienced, accredited trainer, able to systematize and clarify the information, crucial to a candidate’s success in the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

PRINCE2 Principles

There are seven PRINCE2 principles. These define aspects of the project management approach that are considered important within the PRINCE2 framework.

  • Continued business justification
  • Learn from experience
  • Defined roles and responsibilities
  • Manage by stages
  • Manage by exception
  • Focus on products
  • Tailor to suit the project environment

PRINCE2 Themes

There are also seven PRINCE2 themes, which are closely related to the principles. These themes demarcate areas of project management activity that PRINCE2 foregrounds in its project management methodology:

  • Business Case
  • Organization
  • Quality
  • Plans
  • Risk
  • Change
  • Progress

PRINCE2 Processes

The seven PRINCE2 processes break down the overall activity of the project into manageable units, defined by the overall goal of the process. Some of the processes are only performed once on a project, some are conducted iteratively, and some are continuously active:

  • Starting up a Project
  • Directing a Project
  • Initiating a Project
  • Controlling a Stage
  • Managing Product Delivery
  • Managing a Stage Boundary
  • Closing a Project

Along with the 26 PRINCE2 management products, which guide project teams in the recommended documentation, these PRINCE2 principles, themes and processes help to construct a clear pattern for project management activities.

The PRINCE2 Foundation Examination

Like the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination, PRINCE2 Foundation is a multiple-choice paper. Unlike the more advance exam, however, PRINCE2 Foundation is closed book. This means that candidates cannot refer to the PRINCE2 course manual (or to any other notes!), and they must therefore have a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of its contents. The PRINCE2 Foundation exam tests basic knowledge of the methodology, rather than the capability of the candidate in applying the PRINCE2 method to actual project situations.

The PRINCE2 Foundation paper contains 75 questions and lasts for 60 minutes. Candidates must score 35/70 (50%) in order to pass the examination. Unlike the PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate, the PRINCE2 Foundation qualification is not time-bounded, and candidates do not need to renew their Foundation certification.

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