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Benefits of PRINCE2

13 Jan 2022 By

PRINCE2 is the world’s leading project management certification for good reason. The PRINCE2 method has been successfully applied to industries across the globe. Those individuals and organizations that have been trained in PRINCE2 methodology have benefitted greatly. Here’s why:

For individuals

Improved career opportunities

Earning your PRINCE2 certifications will greatly increase the number of jobs you’re qualified for. Those looking to hire their next project manager often use PRINCE2 as an industry-standard of competence in project management.

Even if you’re not looking to work as a project manager, having a PRINCE2 qualification shows potential employers that you know how to work in a PRINCE2 environment and can support PRINCE2 project development teams.

Increased salary

Those who have a PRINCE2 Practitioner certification earn (on average) £55,000 annually [1].


PRINCE2 training courses will provide you with key project management skills and knowledge that you’ll need to be successful in your chosen career. PRINCE2 also teaches important terminology used in PRINCE2 environment and by practicing PRINCE2 project managers that can help you communicate effectively in the workplace.


PRINCE2 training can give you confidence in your abilities to work as a project manager or support project management teams.

For organizations

PRINCE2 best-practice

PRINCE2 is a tried-and-tested approach to project management. The PRINCE2 method can be tailored to suit your unique context and business needs. In addition, you'll have access to decades of research conducted by the UK Cabinet Office to help support your decision-making.


The PRINCE2 method can be applied to any project and can be used in any industry. PRINCE2 provides a common framework around which you can structure your business practices. This can help improve productivity and profitability.


PRINCE2 provides a common vocabulary which you can employ in your day-to-day communications to help improve understanding and reduce mistakes. This common terminology can also help you better interface with third parties who also use PRINCE2.


PRINCE2 helps define individual roles and duties. This increases accountability and gives employees a better sense of responsibility.


PRINCE2 focus on delivering high-quality products that benefit both consumers and businesses. It also helps improve project development by ensuring adequate risk and quality assessments are in place and helps streamline individual project development phases to increase profitability and development speed.


PRINCE2 can be tailored to suit any organization. If you train using our PRINCE2 courses, you’ll learn how to adapt PRINCE2 methods to suit the unique challenges your business face.

Saves time

PRINCE2 relies primarily on written reports to aid communication. This saves your senior managers’ precious time by eliminating the need for lengthy meetings.


PRINCE2 focuses on delivering benefits to your organization. It aids in the construction of robust business cases to ensure that projects are always goal-oriented and profitable.

Stakeholder involvement

PRINCE2 encourages the involvement of stakeholders in decision-making. This helps ensure projects meet stakeholder requirements and can help eliminate costly mistakes in development.

Continuous improvement

PRINCE2 also focuses on improving project development with each successful application of the PRINCE2 method. This can help streamline your business practices over time and can lead to greatly improved project quality and development speed.


Because PRINCE2 uses a common terminology, application of the PRINCE2 method can promote consistency through the ability to reuse project assets.


[1] 2020. PRINCE2 (Projects In Controlled Environments) Salary In United Kingdom.