Online PRINCE2 Foundation exam using Proctor Now

Proctor Now enables you to take your PRINCE2 Foundation exam online over the internet. It will benefit anyone who purchases a PRINCE2 Foundation exam as part of one of our eLearning courses and doesn’t want to (or isn’t able to) visit a public exam centre. It is available for only £20 + vat for anyone who orders one of our eLearning products which comes with a PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

After ordering Proctor Now, you will receive full guidance about how to use it and how to ensure the environment in which you take your online exam is suitable.

Please note: You need to order the Proctor Now and book your online exam 7 days or more before the date on which you want to take the online exam.

How it works

By using Proctor Now, you use your existing webcam (PC or Mac) to record yourself taking the online exam. As part of the process you will need to show your photo ID in the webcam. The video recorded by Proctor Now will be reviewed by the PRINCE2 accreditation body, the APM Group International to check that exam rules were not broken.

Exam environment

The room you choose for your online exam must meet the following requirements.

  • Well lit, quiet, and secure
  • No distractions (i.e. no headphones, TV, music, etc.)
  • No books or other written/printed material near the computer or on the walls
  • No use of telephones or mobile phones, except for the purpose of reporting a problem to APMG
  • Any other computers in the room must be switched off
  • You must be alone in the room throughout the online exam